Yahoo! is progressing on its new design but calendar and contacts have not been added yet

Yahoo! Mail is having the biggest and most important change of its history, not only being a great renovation related to working aspects, but also imperative matters regarding design and layout of the entire service, due to the current condition the platform was having until this day, making a completely makeover a necessity.

Like this, YMail as a service was having the issue on staying behind its direct competitors, facing the fact that a new and modernized platform was needed.

So, this new presented interface by Yahoo a short time ago gives the new layout for consumers to enjoy and were expecting for a long time, having new and more functional personalization options and tools that already exist in other services.

ymail login

Therefore, this recent version now provides many new functions that have been added just now, which can be used from this day and it substitutes the old layout with the new one on our personal account, opening a new set of functions and options in terms of personalization, tools to work and intuitive design that results minimalistic and easy to use.

Enjoy a functional and new viewing component

With its new interface, Yahoo Mail has a more adaptable layout and design that becomes the central element of the viewing component, being spaces where functions like showing email lists, email content and more are managed for the user to see everything at once, without the need to open other windows or tabs.

ymail login

To be precise, this new component has a new dual viewing integration; being the first a tab mode and the second the attachment viewer, showing the user lists of emails, content and actions to do at the same time, saving space and time. In this way, this component becomes a stand out among the other functions.

In order to use this new and useful components and interactive elements the viewing modes have to be activated, which can be easily done on the settings.

For example, when the viewing modes are activated the predetermined layout shows folders on the left side of the screen, the email list appears in the left center and when you select a specific email, its content is shown on the right center of the central component.

ymail login

If you want to change the layout you can activate the “Show message on the right” option, which is located on the personalization options shown on the right of the screen.

Thus, the central component will be divided into two segments; the email list will be placed on the left segment to be visible at all times, while the right segment or panel will show the specific content of the selected email.

ymail login

However, if the “Show message at the bottom” option is selected on the viewing component, the layout will be shown in a completely different way, placing the email list on the top of the panel and the specific content of the selected email is placed on the bottom, giving a more vertical look.

ymail login

A functional contextual bar to use

Also, Yahoo! ´s new central component has now a function bar, which like other bars is created with the intention of showing distinct options that users can interact with, by using different elements displayed on the screen.

In details, the function bar appears always on top of the home page of Mail Yahoo, with options to interact with the selected elements like folders, emails and addresses, so you can “archive”, “move”, “delete” “spam”, and more.


When you open a specific email, other options are added to the function bar on top of the screen, such as “reply”, “resend”, “save”, and “reply to all”.

In the same way, when you are on an email with documents or photos as attachments, you have the option to preview these files, even though it is expected the number of functions increase regarding these two specific matters, because of their importance to manage and use emails.


Continuing, for you to be able to interact with these elements you have to be on the appropriate content, so accessing options like “save”, “mark as spam”, “move”, “mark as unread”, “important”, “mark as read”, and “see message without format”, you need to be logged in and on the inbox or smart view, so these options can appear.

Nevertheless, when you are viewing an email without format you can access the options of “save”, “mark as spam”, “move”, “mark as unread”, “important”, “mark as read”, and “see message without format” as well, because you are going to enter or select and email when browsing the inbox and these options will appear.

Of course, other options to manage and use the inbox and emails will be shown like “reply”, “resend”, “save”, and “reply to all” and “forward”.

Along with the option of using the contextual function bar, on top of it the visualization tabs will appear as well, which can be turned on from the viewing options on the settings.

Like this, with these useful tabs you can open, manage and use different emails and control the different options to every one of them, no matter the number and they will be organized as web pages on a browser, for you to be able to choose the one to read and perform an action.


To enjoy this option to view emails as tabs, the same must be activated on the personalization panel on the right, clicking on the blue switch besides the “message tabs” option. As a recommendation, this type of email viewing is recommended for small screens or with low resolution, but you can use it if you want to have a more organized page.


There is plenty of room for other services from Yahoo!

For starts, there is Yahoo! Messenger as a service from this company that was forgotten, but at present time it is not completely abandoned by any mean, since is used by millions of people around the globe. For this reason, it was achieve this service having its place on the new interface to be still used.


So, by clicking on the smiley face on the top left side of the screen a new window will be opened, with the specific Yahoo! Messenger web site for you to log in or sign up.

Yahoo! Messenger

Specifically, Yahoo! Messenger is a platform where you can chat with other contacts, added manually or the people that you send emails to that also are added automatically to your contact list.

Like this, Yahoo! Messenger is a great competitor to Skype and other chatting services online, despite of their importance on the business and enterprising fields.

At present time, the contact icon will take you to the old Yahoo! Mail version, for you to manage contacts and perform actions like erase and add them.

In comparison to Yahoo! Mail, Gmail performs something similar to manage and use contacts from its platform online, so the service is quite familiar since it is almost the same with a service provided by a large company like Google.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger

In the same way, entering the calendar icon will lead to the calendar platform included on the older version of Yahoo! Mail, which it is expected to be renew in short notice. However, adding and remove events is a completely familiar process, and if you do not know how to do it, you just have to interact with the chosen day by you and add a new thing to do or remember.

Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger

So, it is really expected that the missing elements on ymail can be added soon, so it can become a great service like it was in previous years, performing a makeover on useful tools like the calendar, contacts and other applications that are important for the users.

What Yahoo! is and what this brand represents

Yahoo! is one of the oldest email clients that exist on this digital era, born out of the invention of internet in the late 1980s, it appeared on the market a couple of years after Hotmail did, which as many people know is the first email web client in history. However, Yahoo! was popular for so many years, keeping a great share of users coming from Hispanic communities.

Therefore, this means it is a brand with a long road on its back, which definitely have to be considered regardless of the security issues and consequent computer attacks carried out in the last year; with a new born Yahoo!, it is also available an opportunity to know a lot more about this email client that knew how to become a multiple environment service suite.

Yahoo! is a multiservice portal

In the beginning, Yahoo! started being a simple information web site, which little by little started adding more services. For example, inside everything it offers there is the searching service, email, messaging, among many others. Nonetheless, of all these services the first one was searching.

Along with that, Yahoo! started being a content portal that gave functionality to perform online searching. In so, this characteristic is more or less contemporary with Google Search, although the web site would not center on it like Google did, who decided to diversify its services many years later.

Knowing about the most important Yahoo! services

At present time, Yahoo!’s searching service is shown as a persistent bar in all web sites owned by the company, including finance, news and sport platforms, even including the email client.

yahoo mail

Continuing, after the search engine the next service offered was email, which became so popular among Hispanic community, and it will become with the coming years in one of the most important bases that will justify the content diversification, extended to other areas like finance, news, sport, questions and answers service and instant messaging platform.  

In order to access the email service, you have to log in by clicking on the Log In persistent button that appears on any of Yahoo! ´s platforms. Once the account is created, you can enter and start using the service. Also, if you just have created the account you will be able to already use the new Yahoo Mail interface, which was released short time ago and it is characterized by offering a better experience, standing out by its easy personalization.

yahoo mail

Moving on, Yahoo! Messenger was one of the most popular services during the 2000s, where MSN was the king but it did some noise anyway in a time where online chat was a real trend. However, at present time it is a much outsourced service but it refuses to die and even has become present on our daily life.

Nowadays, the messenger service is shown as a very similar version in relation to what we have seen on Whatsapp Web, but closer to Yahoo!´s visual language. In fact, you can access this service through the address, or also from the persistent link inside email client interface. So, if you press the button you will be redirected to the portal.

Yet, you have to take into account that Yahoo! Messenger will be activated if you access it from a desk or PC browser; if not, you will see the mobile client download option according to the operating system used by the smartphone you are accessing from.

yahoo mail

For example, Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Finance are two of the most visited portals of Yahoo!, being the sites that have more relevant information and many people are interested in visiting. Because of that, Ymail home page is Yahoo News and is the one you will see if you set Yahoo! as home page on your browser.

Along with that, Yahoo Finance shows the entire relevant financial information to the visitor, among which are the most important and influential currency quotes, along with the news that have to do with all this matter. So, if you enter you will see the most recent and relevant news according to your region,  and if you access you will see the most important information and data regarding the financial state the region you are visiting from.




On another topic, Yahoo! Answers is not a service that has died but maybe you do not know about it; it is a section where active community ask and answer questions done by other people. So, this activity and platform becomes in a quite singular and valuable source of scientific and cultural knowledge, which is required by many people on the internet.

In fact, there is absolutely no limitation about the topic, Yahoo! just requires that questions are kept in categories to make things easier. So, if you wish to see, answer or ask questions you just have to access and log in. With that, you will be able to access options about reading and answering questions from others, and also ask questions to obtain help from the community.


All About Yahoo and Yahoo Mail

Yahoo! is one of the most famous free email services and web platforms on the entire internet, and has held that status for a very long time—since 1995, as a matter of fact. So, chances are that you have already heard about Yahoo. You might even use some of the tools and services that the platform offers. But there is so much to know about Yahoo, Yahoo’s famous email, Yahoo Messenger, and more! That’s why we’ve put together this little introduction to and some of its most popular features.

The web portal

Looking at it today, it might seem hard to believe, but when Yahoo! was first created, it was a pretty bare bones web directory, designed to help web surfers in those early days of mainstream internet access to find relevant websites. It wasn’t long before Yahoo Search became one of the top search engines, and the directory grew into a complete web portal.


Although it seemed to reach its peak in the early- to mid-2000s, back before Google took over the world, Yahoo is still a top contender even today. More than two decades after its inception, it is still the fourth most-visited website worldwide. And the explanation is simple: it offers almost everything a casual internet user could need.

Yahoo! is configured as the browser home page for millions of people these days because it’s a one-stop shop. Aside from the famous Yahoo Mail and the search engine that started it all, you have instant access to top news stories, finance tips, sports news, weather updates, trending topics, and tons of other personalized options.

In the next sections, we’ll go into a bit more detail about the most commonly used tools from their free email platform, news portal, financial portfolio, sports, Yahoo Messenger, and Yahoo Answers.

Free email from Yahoo! Mail

There are plenty of people who use Yahoo almost exclusively for its free email service. The other 101 features are a nice bonus, but for them, the backbone of the site is Yahoo! Mail.

Email is one of the tools that is only available to registered users, for obvious reasons. The good news is that, as soon as you sign up for a free Yahoo account, you will automatically get your very own email address and access to a comprehensive platform comparable to others you may use, like Gmail or Hotmail.


As you would expect, your Yahoo email can be used to check messages you have received, send emails to any of your contacts, attach files and pictures, organize your inbox, and even configure your Yahoo Calendar to send you email reminders for important events.

There is also a way to easily access Yahoo Messenger, the famous instant messaging tool from this website, right from your inbox. We’ll talk about that a bit more in the Yahoo Messenger section below.

Top news stories from Yahoo! News

If you’re the kind of person who likes to always be informed of what’s going on in the world, you might want to set the Yahoo homepage or the Yahoo News page as your browser’s default start page. At a glance, you’ll have a selection of some of the top stories and breaking headlines, with international and national news. If you are logged in to your Ymail account, or you have location sharing turned on, you might also get local and regional news stories.

One of the best things about Yahoo News these days is that it offers you articles from a wide variety of news outlets and journalists, so you can get many different points of few and avoid the “tunnel vision” that has become such a big problem lately.

Yahoo! Finance and free stock portfolio

Yahoo Finance has earned a reputation for being an excellent source of unbiased, reliable information about anything finance related. You can find updates on what’s going on in the financial markets to help you make decisions about what to do with your investments, or simply to stay informed. Right on the front page, you’ll get a condensed view of the latest activity in major markets like the S&P 500, the Nasdaq, commodities like crude oil prices, etc.

Plus, there are tons of news stories that are relevant to finance and investing, along with helpful articles if you are still learning the ropes.

But perhaps the most useful feature in Yahoo Finance is the ability to create your own trading “Portfolio”. This requires you to create a Yahoo account, obviously, but for anyone who wants to take their money into their own hands, it’s an essential tool. You can create your own “watch lists” for stocks you might be interested in, keep track of how your actual investments are performing, and much more.

Yahoo! Sports news, scores and more

Sports fans know they can quickly get up to speed on their favorite teams with a quick visit to the Yahoo Sports page. Whether you follow football or basketball, college or pro, or other types of sports like MMA and boxing, you can find all the information you need right here.

You can easily get highlights from the big game, the final scores or real-time score updates, relevant news articles, helpful information on drafts and recruitment, player stats, and lots more. And if you want a way to put all this data to good use, you can even participate in Yahoo’s own fantasy league.

Yahoo! Messenger for web, desktop and mobile

Yahoo has been around long enough that it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they pioneered many of the things we take for granted today; one of those things is instant messaging.

Long before smartphones were a thing, people relied on desktop instant messenger apps if they wanted to chat in real time with friends, family, business contacts, etc. Yahoo Messenger was one of the top programs back then, and it is still one of the best options today, thanks to the fact that it has evolved to keep up with what today’s users expect from an instant messenger.

These days, not only can you get a desktop version of Yahoo Messenger to use on your PC, you can also use it from your Yahoo Mail inbox, use a browser-based web app version, and download the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet so that you can stay connected no matter where you go.

Yahoo! Answers for a good laugh

With the incomprehensible amount of information that is just a few keystrokes away on the internet, it’s pretty easy to find the answer to virtually any question you might have these days. Still, sometimes you come up empty. In those situations, why not crowdsource your information search by asking everyone on Yahoo through the famous Yahoo Answers?

Okay, you might not want to ask anything too serious using this platform. While you can certainly find a lot of straight-faced answers with helpful information, Yahoo Answers is more valuable as a comedy goldmine these days.

Well, as you can see, there is a whole lot that Yahoo has to offer, and we’ve only just scratched the surface! You can use a lot of this website’s features without having an account (like reading news, checking weather, using the search engine, etc.). But, to get the most out of it, we highly recommend creating a Yahoo account so you get access to Yahoo Mail, Messenger, personalized Finance Portfolio, more curated news stories, and lots more. Make sure you check out our next post, where we’ll provide a step by step tutorial to help you register a new Yahoo account.