When you are using email platforms online, surely you are going to encounter or receive “Spam”; being the kind of email that is unwanted and comes from unknown sources, having advertising or harmful purposes. Fortunately, Yahoo! Mail counts with a good Spam filter that you can help improve easily, when junk messages pass through and you can mark them as what they are; Spam.

So, today you will be learning how to mark specific emails as Spam or junk, so they can be moved to their corresponding folder and not allowing them bothering you at all while you are working. Also, we will be addressing how to delete permanently these annoying emails, improving simultaneously the filter and showing it accounts, emails and contacts to be aware of.

How to mark emails as junk and move them to Spam folder

To begin with, Spam or junk emails can appear when you complete a registration related to a web site, online service or newsletter using your Ymail Account. Also, Spam can be received for no reason or sometimes trustable emails could be recognized as junk, so it is important to check this folder if you are waiting for a message, especially if it comes from institutions or companies.

So, in order to mark an email as Spam you have to be logged into your Yahoo Mail account first, as it should be obvious. Then, when you have entered the service you will be on the home page or inbox of Yahoo! Mail, for you to pick the folder where the suspicious Spam or junk email is located. Usually, junk messages are on the inbox but can also be in another folder.

It is important for you to remember that emails marked as Spam will not be deleted, but moved into the Spam folder that is on the folder panel on the left, being helpful if you have to check them later, in the case a trustable email has been sent there by mistake. To delete them for good, other steps must be followed and we will show them to you in a bit.

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Now, marking a specific email or several of them as junk and they can be moved to the Spam folder from your inbox, all you have to do is to put a check by clicking on the empty box next to every message. Like this, the tool panel located on top of the inbox will be accessible, for you to click on the “Spam” button, so the email will be automatically sent to the Spam folder.

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Also, if you click on the pointing down arrow on the “Spam” button a pop-out menu will appear, for you to choose between four different options; “Report Spam”, as the step to tell Yahoo! Mail the account is Spam only or a robot; “Report a hacked account”, as the option to report a hacked account; “Report a Phishing Scam” to report identity stealing attempt and “Not My Mail”.

Like this, you can choose exactly what to do on every situations related to a Spam, if you consider you are being scammed or someone is trying to hack your account or infect your device with malware.

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You also can read such message you think is Spam, in order to know if maybe it results in a trustable email, to do this just click on it and on the open email the tool panel located on top will be always visible, for you to pick different moving options or click on the “Spam” button.

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When you click on “Spam” or the different options available on the pop-out menu coming from the pointing down arrow, the selected messages will be moved to Spam folder and an advice will appear telling you the process was successful. Remember, by doing this you are helping to improve Yahoo! Mail´s Spam filter.

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On the other hand, maybe you need to recover an email that is on the Spam folder but it has a trustable source, however it was placed there by the platform or you moved it by mistake.

Well, in this case you can easily move the related email by clicking on the “Not Spam” button, which is on the tool panel on top of the folder that becomes accessible when you select one or several messages, by clicking on the empty box next to them, being such button available from the email list or the message itself.

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After doing this, your message will be replaced on your inbox and a notification will be shown as well, letting you now the process was carried out properly.

Deleting Spam for good

If you have already checked your inbox and Spam folders and you consider there are not trustable emails to recover, and therefore you want to get rid of real Spam and clean your inbox and related folders, you can easily delete all the junk messages.

To do so, enter the Spam folder and select the messages to delete by checking them clicking on the empty box next to them, like this the tool bar above the email list will be accessible and you will be able to click on the “Delete” button.

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If you want to delete all the messages placed on the Spam or any other folder, you can check the empty box located on the left side of tool box, by clicking on it and all the messages inside the folder will be selected automatically for deleting, being a great function if you want to delete several or all emails at once.

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After the emails are selected on the folder, you only have to click on the “Delete” button and they will be erased permanently. Nevertheless, to avoid deleting messages accidently the platform will ask you to confirm the action, so you only have click on “Ok” if you are sure about deleting the selected emails, or “Cancel” if you want to keep them and you want to cancel the process.

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In this way, you will be able to have a free and clean inbox and mail service in relation to Spam, avoiding risks of scam, hacking and other security matters, along with annoying ads or any other purposes junk emails have, which none of them are beneficial for you or your time. However, with this easy steps you will never have to worry about Spam or any of its risks anymore.

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