How to move important emails to a folder in Yahoo! Mail

When you create your Yahoo Mail account you will be able to receive messages and emails of all sources and types, being some of them more important than others in relation to the information they contain, and also such messages are going to be related with business and work matters, along with banks entities, online platforms, services, companies, newsletter and much more.

So, being plenty of emails with different sorts that you will be receiving on your new Yahoo Mail account, surely you will need to move important messages with private, business, work or any other nature to specific folders so they can be reachable and always easy to spot. Well, we are going to teach you a few methods to move important emails to the folders you want.

Creating a folder and moving important emails to it

To begin with, you can create a specific and customizable folder on your account to move the emails you consider important, acting as a container that results easy to spot in every occasion so such messages will be always available. With a few simple steps you can get creating a customizable folder and move any email you want into it.

The first thing you need to do is to be signed in on YMail by typing your email account and password on https//, providing access to your platform and inbox.

Being on the inbox, you will see a folder panel located on the left right underneath the “Compose” button” where you can access the predetermined folders as “Unread”, “Draft”, “Sent”, Starred”, “Archive” and others, which host messages according to different actions and functions.

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On this designated folder panel, at the bottom of it you will find the “Folders” button and the option “Show” or “Hide” right next to, click on it so all the created and customizable folders appear, if you have not created any it will only be shown the “+ New Folder” button.

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You can create your new folder by clicking on the “+ New Folder” button, immediately giving you the option to type its name, which in this case will be “Important” as a folder hosting imperative messages only. To complete the action, click on the blue icon with an arrow as the “Submit Input” and your folder is now created.

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To confirm the success of the process, the platform will let you know with a notification and you will be able to see your new created folder, taking us to the next and easy step; moving emails into this specific folder.

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Moving messages into your new created folder

Now that we have our Important folder created, it is time to move some messages into it for you to spot them anytime you want. To do so, we are going to inbox or any other folder from where you want to move emails, and then we are going to select them by clicking on the tick box next to every message, In fact, you can select as many messages as you want.

By doing so, the option panel on top of the inbox will be enabled and it will allow to perform some actions like “Archive”, “Move”, “Delete” and “Spam”.

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Like this, the ticked messages are going to be affected by the actions available on the option panel above the inbox. In this case, you will click on the “Move” button since this is the process we want to perform to store important emails.

By clicking on the “Move” button a dropdown menu will be expanded with many options to choose from, being the folders available for you to move the ticked messages, such as “”Archive”, “Spam” and “Deleted Items”. Also, folders you have created should be on this dropdown menu, which is this case would be “Important”

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Spotting the Important folder, you are going to click on it and all the selected emails from the inbox will be moved to this created folder, allowing you to know when the process is successful by a notification showed, displaying information regarding the number of conversations moved and destination folder. If you want to reverse the moving process, just click on the “Undo” button.

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As you can see, the selected emails are not on the inbox anymore and they were moved to the “Important” folder, so these messages contain imperative information and are now stored securely from the possible chaos on the inbox when there are too many messages.

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Other ways to move important emails to a folder

If you do not want to create a new folder, but you still need to move important emails from your inbox to the predetermined containers on the Yahoo! Email´s platform, you can also do that by following some even easier procedures; using the Archive and Starred folders available.

In so, the Archive folder can be described as a file container where you can put emails that you do not want to miss, which could be the case if you let them on the inbox. So, to move messages from one folder to this Archive container is almost the same process explained earlier.

Just select the emails to move by ticking the empty box next to them, by doing this the option panel will be enable and this time you will click on the “Archive” button. Automatically, the ticked emails will be move to this folder.

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If you want, you can select all the messages included on the email section to move them all with just one click, by using the tick box next to the option panel and click on it.

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On the other hand, Yahoo Mail offers you the Starred folder to save important emails or messages of any kind, being the ones that you need to stand out by any means. In this case, starred emails do not disappear from the inbox but they will be recognizable easily, and also you will be able to see them by clicking on the Starred folder.

Starring emails on Mail Yahoo is even easier in comparison to the previous procedures, to do it just put the mouse cursor on the email of interest, three options to choose from will appear; a magnifying glass icon to search messages from the sender, a star icon and a trash can to delete such message. Easy, you just have to click on the star icon and the email gets starred right away.

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In this way, the email will now appear with a golden star on it so it can be recognizable, however, it still remain on the inbox or previous folder used. Of course, if you want to see all the starred emails in one folder you can do it also, by just clicking on the “Starred” folder.

So, starred messages are on the inbox and on the Starred folder at the same time, if you need them to be stored in a secure way but also on your work screen, in the case you require accessing and consulting any information inside such important messages.

Using this methods, you will be able to move important emails to one created folder or you can used the predetermined ones on Yahoo! Mail, so these important messages should be always on an easy spot to find, use and consult any imperative intel that makes them so important.