How to have a secure and trustable password in Yahoo! Mail

At present time, Yahoo! is a service platform that is trying to recovery from different issues and matters, which affected it quite hard in the past and made it weak in comparison to its competitors, after being one of the pioneers and most solid internet companies in the world in the decades of 1990 and 2000, in terms of online services like emails, newsletters and finance.

Between different issues and troubles that affected the company through these recent years, security was one of the most imperative and compromised affairs, when Yahoo! suffered a breach thanks to a hacking procedure, which ended up into an important data released regarding millions of users, in relation to their accounts, passwords and therefore personal information and emails.

Nevertheless, Yahoo! is now renewing its service platform in terms of design, layout, technologies, protocols, tools, resources and other possibilities, in order to adapt such platform to modern days and offer competitive products to online users. Well, in this case security is an imperative matter and responsible people behind such a big brand like Yahoo! know, thanks to immediate past.

Therefore, we will be addressing how to have a secure and trustable password in Yahoo!, ensuring security to all the services involved offered by the company. Also, along with the proper methods to have a secure password, we will be showing you how to change such passcode on Yahoo! if you consider it.

Creating a new Yahoo account with a secure password

If you do not have a Yahoo! account just yet, this is the perfect opportunity to create one and take advantage of all the services and platforms it provides. To do so, open your favorite browser and write on the URL bar, in this way the Yahoo log in page will be opened; you just have to click on the “Sign Up” button, next to the question: Don´t you have an account?

yahoo mail

Like this, the Yahoo´s registration process will start and you must fill in the blanks with the required information, such as: first and last name, email address, password, mobile phone number, date of birth and gender. As you can see, in this procedure the system asks you to enter your password, being the moment to follow great advices to make it as secure as it can be.

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To begin with, the system will not allow entering a password with less than 9 characters at least. In fact, that is the only limitation the system has in terms of password entering, but a few advices to follow here are quite important to use a secure and trustable password.

First, never use sequential numbers or letters, such as: “123456789”, “abcdefghi” even if they are used in reversed way; “ihgfedcba” or “987654321. Second, you should never use mobile numbers, Social Security Numbers, IDs or any other personal information as a password, since these are not safe enough and some people may know them, like your father´s name or something like that.

Instead, create a secure password by using a long one that includes capital letters, numbers, and special symbols, and if you are worried about forgetting it you can use words and information related to your hobbies.

In so, if for instance you like to play guitar or a specific band you can use a related word, but always including capital letters, numbers and symbols to avoid hackings or any other security issue. A valid example; THEbeatles/2017, as you can see in this hypothetic password there are many types of characters, being quite long too, so it is enough secure to use it.

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You finish the process by clicking on “Continue” and your Yahoo! account is now created, so you can take advantage of different services like Yahoo! Finance, YMail and innovative newsletters regarding sports, technology and others.

Changing the password of an already created Yahoo! account

If maybe you already have a Yahoo! account and you want to follow the useful advices previously showed related to the password security, you can also change it by logging in as you normally would.

Then, being logged in and on the home page of any Yahoo! service, you just have to click on the icon with your name that is located at the top right of the screen, next to the service menu button with the dots. When you click on such button with your name, you will be able to add accounts, sign out and manage your account info, being the blue option you are going to click now.

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In this way, a new page will be opened showing you your Personal Info tab, with a left configuration panel with other three more tabs: “Account Security”, “Recent Activity” and “Preferences”, so from this page you can control everything related with your Yahoo account. Regarding the matter we are approaching, we will be clicking on the “Account Security” button.

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In order to access the Account Security settings, the Yahoo! ´s platform is going to ask you for your account and password again, as a security measure to avoid intruders or any undesirable change in this matter.

After reentering your credentials you will have access to this account security tab offering different options in terms of data safety, like changing the password and the two-step verification process as a different procedure.

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Within this page, we will click on the “Change password” button and Yahoo´s system will shows us a small window to enter the new password and to confirm it. In this case, remember to follow the previous advices regarding password security, about using characters like capital letters, symbols and numbers to make a strong and long passcode. Then, click on continue and you are good to go.

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Remember, by changing your password you must reenter such new credential on every device you have logged in with your Yahoo! account.