A new exciting update has arrived to Yahoo! Messenger

The mail service from Yahoo! had an important change and update a short time ago, having as main purpose to reverse the discourage look and general image of the platform.

Well, regarding this matter Yahoo Messenger is the next service on receiving an exciting change, and like it occurred with its email platform in the first place, the Yahoo! Messenger makeover starts from a previous and familiar concept, so known strategies help the company to recover user´s trust and market share.

For example, the web version of Yahoo! Messenger for computers, laptops and devices with operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux has followed the Whatsapp chat´s design, being a layout that is known by many of us and having a persistent conversation list bar on the left, while the current selected chat, its details and options remain on the right.

Sure, all the elements used on the chatting platform has Yahoo´s visual layout, icons and general language, but it can be easily compared to Whatsapp Web.

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You can access Yahoo! Messenger from the email service and the URL address as well

If you want to access Yahoo! Messenger easily and quick, you can do it directly from the email service of the company. To do so, enter Mail Yahoo and find on the link located on the top left of the page, being the control panel to access different options, settings, access to other Yahoo services and personalization menu.

When you find the control panel, you just have to click on the icon corresponding to Yahoo! Messenger that is on the left side. So, when you click on the icon a new web page will be opened so the chatting platform can be loaded and opened.

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Now, apart from the first method using the icon on Yahoo! Mail to access Yahoo! Messenger that was shown before, you can also enter the service by using the corresponding URL. To do so, access the Yahoo´s chatting service through the web address by writing messenger.yahoo.com on the URL bar of your favorite browser, so you can enter the platform properly.

As an important matter, Yahoo! Messenger requires JavaScript technology to work in proper way, being imperative this specific feature is supported by the used browser of the user, although most popular ones like Chrome, Firefox and Edge support JavaScript with no problem, even giving the possibility to set it up on setting options.

Therefore, enter Yahoo! Messenger using your preferred browser by writing the corresponding web address shown before on the URL bar, but first it will be recommendable for you to log in on Yahoo! previously, since the account will be requested anyway.

With its makeover, Yahoo! Messenger now detects if you are accessing the service from mobile or local devices thanks to the used operating system.

So, if you are using a smartphone, tablet or any other device that uses Android, IOS or any other mobile platform with a regular browser, automatically the URL will lead you to the corresponding app market to download the Yahoo application.

Since, the app is now the main way to access Yahoo! Messenger from mobile devices, as a completely free platform in relation to local computers.

Familiar layout to access Yahoo! Messenger

Developers of Yahoo! Messenger has chosen a familiar design to update the service, being quite similar to Whatsapp Web layout. For example, conversations are placed on the left panel of the screen, while chat, emoticons, messages and other details appear on the wider right side, by clicking on the contact you want on the list, opening a new conversation at once.

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However, if the contact you want to talk to is not on the list on the left panel, you can click on the pencil icon placed on the top right of the contact list, so you can find the person you want to write a message and begin the proper conversation.

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Unfortunately, Yahoo! Messenger contacts are limited to the service itself and you cannot chat with people using other mail or messenger services, as well as associated numbers. Nonetheless, what you certainly can do is to invite those people joining Yahoo! Messenger and open an account, or if they already use Yahoo! the invitation will lead them specifically to the chatting service.

To begin with, on the conversation list you will find all people you have exchanged emails, from foreign services and YMail as well, which will become on the main conversation with the specific contact you are inviting.

In order to invite one of your contacts to use Ymail Messenger you just have to click on the “Invite” button, which is placed on the right side of every one of them. As a useful feature, you can write your contacts from this inviting procedure and all the messages will be delivered when they enjoy Yahoo! Messenger.

A space to chat with familiar elements as well

Regarding the chatting space of Yahoo! Messenger, in fact it is quite similar to Whatsapp Web as well, having the regular options like typing, emoticons, the possibility to share files like documents, images, gifs and more. However, popular voice notes cannot be used in Yahoo! Messenger at the moment, but this useful feature may be added soon.

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Sending a document, image, file or any other type of attachment is quite easy; just click on the photograph icon located on the lower left part of the right panel, so the platform will open a pop-up windows for you to pick the file to send, which could be from a variety of types and extensions.

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To send an emoticon you have to do the same procedure; by clicking on the emoji button placed right next to the photograph icon, at the lower left part of the right panel. Like this, the platform will open a pop-up menu with plenty of emoticons for you to choose, being managed on different sections and types.

mail yahoo

mail yahoo

Regarding sending gif, the process is just as intuitive as it is sending files and emoticons; click on the gif icon next to the emoji icon at the lower left part of the right panel, in this way a pop-up menu will appear with different gif to choose, being managed on different tabs like “Popular” or other categories, as well as the one you can use to find gifts through keywords.

yahoo messenger

yahoo messenger

Other uses to consider on Yahoo! Messenger

On another topic, Yahoo! Messenger as a platform is capable of adapting its use in a smart way, depending of the type and form factor of the screen we are using. For example, the layout will be shown on a double interface on wider screen, meanwhile the interface on squared screen will be shown on one window.

On Yahoo! Messenger you can create group conversations as well, being the specific icon for it on every conversation you open or by selecting a specific contact, being the one that allows to create groups and talk to many people at the same time.

To do so, click on the “Create Group” icon located on the top of the conversation and the group will be created.

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When you create a group, you must assign it a name to be created

yahoo messenger

After, you can select the contacts to conform the conversation group from the list located on the left side panel, add them and start talking with many people at once.

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