Yahoo! is one of the oldest email clients that exist on this digital era, born out of the invention of internet in the late 1980s, it appeared on the market a couple of years after Hotmail did, which as many people know is the first email web client in history. However, Yahoo! was popular for so many years, keeping a great share of users coming from Hispanic communities.

Therefore, this means it is a brand with a long road on its back, which definitely have to be considered regardless of the security issues and consequent computer attacks carried out in the last year; with a new born Yahoo!, it is also available an opportunity to know a lot more about this email client that knew how to become a multiple environment service suite.

Yahoo! is a multiservice portal

In the beginning, Yahoo! started being a simple information web site, which little by little started adding more services. For example, inside everything it offers there is the searching service, email, messaging, among many others. Nonetheless, of all these services the first one was searching.

Along with that, Yahoo! started being a content portal that gave functionality to perform online searching. In so, this characteristic is more or less contemporary with Google Search, although the web site would not center on it like Google did, who decided to diversify its services many years later.

Knowing about the most important Yahoo! services

At present time, Yahoo!’s searching service is shown as a persistent bar in all web sites owned by the company, including finance, news and sport platforms, even including the email client.

yahoo mail

Continuing, after the search engine the next service offered was email, which became so popular among Hispanic community, and it will become with the coming years in one of the most important bases that will justify the content diversification, extended to other areas like finance, news, sport, questions and answers service and instant messaging platform.  

In order to access the email service, you have to log in by clicking on the Log In persistent button that appears on any of Yahoo! ´s platforms. Once the account is created, you can enter and start using the service. Also, if you just have created the account you will be able to already use the new Yahoo Mail interface, which was released short time ago and it is characterized by offering a better experience, standing out by its easy personalization.

yahoo mail

Moving on, Yahoo! Messenger was one of the most popular services during the 2000s, where MSN was the king but it did some noise anyway in a time where online chat was a real trend. However, at present time it is a much outsourced service but it refuses to die and even has become present on our daily life.

Nowadays, the messenger service is shown as a very similar version in relation to what we have seen on Whatsapp Web, but closer to Yahoo!´s visual language. In fact, you can access this service through the address, or also from the persistent link inside email client interface. So, if you press the button you will be redirected to the portal.

Yet, you have to take into account that Yahoo! Messenger will be activated if you access it from a desk or PC browser; if not, you will see the mobile client download option according to the operating system used by the smartphone you are accessing from.

yahoo mail

For example, Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Finance are two of the most visited portals of Yahoo!, being the sites that have more relevant information and many people are interested in visiting. Because of that, Ymail home page is Yahoo News and is the one you will see if you set Yahoo! as home page on your browser.

Along with that, Yahoo Finance shows the entire relevant financial information to the visitor, among which are the most important and influential currency quotes, along with the news that have to do with all this matter. So, if you enter you will see the most recent and relevant news according to your region,  and if you access you will see the most important information and data regarding the financial state the region you are visiting from.




On another topic, Yahoo! Answers is not a service that has died but maybe you do not know about it; it is a section where active community ask and answer questions done by other people. So, this activity and platform becomes in a quite singular and valuable source of scientific and cultural knowledge, which is required by many people on the internet.

In fact, there is absolutely no limitation about the topic, Yahoo! just requires that questions are kept in categories to make things easier. So, if you wish to see, answer or ask questions you just have to access and log in. With that, you will be able to access options about reading and answering questions from others, and also ask questions to obtain help from the community.


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