Yahoo! Mail is having the biggest and most important change of its history, not only being a great renovation related to working aspects, but also imperative matters regarding design and layout of the entire service, due to the current condition the platform was having until this day, making a completely makeover a necessity.

Like this, YMail as a service was having the issue on staying behind its direct competitors, facing the fact that a new and modernized platform was needed.

So, this new presented interface by Yahoo a short time ago gives the new layout for consumers to enjoy and were expecting for a long time, having new and more functional personalization options and tools that already exist in other services.

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Therefore, this recent version now provides many new functions that have been added just now, which can be used from this day and it substitutes the old layout with the new one on our personal account, opening a new set of functions and options in terms of personalization, tools to work and intuitive design that results minimalistic and easy to use.

Enjoy a functional and new viewing component

With its new interface, Yahoo Mail has a more adaptable layout and design that becomes the central element of the viewing component, being spaces where functions like showing email lists, email content and more are managed for the user to see everything at once, without the need to open other windows or tabs.

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To be precise, this new component has a new dual viewing integration; being the first a tab mode and the second the attachment viewer, showing the user lists of emails, content and actions to do at the same time, saving space and time. In this way, this component becomes a stand out among the other functions.

In order to use this new and useful components and interactive elements the viewing modes have to be activated, which can be easily done on the settings.

For example, when the viewing modes are activated the predetermined layout shows folders on the left side of the screen, the email list appears in the left center and when you select a specific email, its content is shown on the right center of the central component.

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If you want to change the layout you can activate the “Show message on the right” option, which is located on the personalization options shown on the right of the screen.

Thus, the central component will be divided into two segments; the email list will be placed on the left segment to be visible at all times, while the right segment or panel will show the specific content of the selected email.

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However, if the “Show message at the bottom” option is selected on the viewing component, the layout will be shown in a completely different way, placing the email list on the top of the panel and the specific content of the selected email is placed on the bottom, giving a more vertical look.

ymail login

A functional contextual bar to use

Also, Yahoo! ´s new central component has now a function bar, which like other bars is created with the intention of showing distinct options that users can interact with, by using different elements displayed on the screen.

In details, the function bar appears always on top of the home page of Mail Yahoo, with options to interact with the selected elements like folders, emails and addresses, so you can “archive”, “move”, “delete” “spam”, and more.


When you open a specific email, other options are added to the function bar on top of the screen, such as “reply”, “resend”, “save”, and “reply to all”.

In the same way, when you are on an email with documents or photos as attachments, you have the option to preview these files, even though it is expected the number of functions increase regarding these two specific matters, because of their importance to manage and use emails.


Continuing, for you to be able to interact with these elements you have to be on the appropriate content, so accessing options like “save”, “mark as spam”, “move”, “mark as unread”, “important”, “mark as read”, and “see message without format”, you need to be logged in and on the inbox or smart view, so these options can appear.

Nevertheless, when you are viewing an email without format you can access the options of “save”, “mark as spam”, “move”, “mark as unread”, “important”, “mark as read”, and “see message without format” as well, because you are going to enter or select and email when browsing the inbox and these options will appear.

Of course, other options to manage and use the inbox and emails will be shown like “reply”, “resend”, “save”, and “reply to all” and “forward”.

Along with the option of using the contextual function bar, on top of it the visualization tabs will appear as well, which can be turned on from the viewing options on the settings.

Like this, with these useful tabs you can open, manage and use different emails and control the different options to every one of them, no matter the number and they will be organized as web pages on a browser, for you to be able to choose the one to read and perform an action.


To enjoy this option to view emails as tabs, the same must be activated on the personalization panel on the right, clicking on the blue switch besides the “message tabs” option. As a recommendation, this type of email viewing is recommended for small screens or with low resolution, but you can use it if you want to have a more organized page.


There is plenty of room for other services from Yahoo!

For starts, there is Yahoo! Messenger as a service from this company that was forgotten, but at present time it is not completely abandoned by any mean, since is used by millions of people around the globe. For this reason, it was achieve this service having its place on the new interface to be still used.


So, by clicking on the smiley face on the top left side of the screen a new window will be opened, with the specific Yahoo! Messenger web site for you to log in or sign up.

Yahoo! Messenger

Specifically, Yahoo! Messenger is a platform where you can chat with other contacts, added manually or the people that you send emails to that also are added automatically to your contact list.

Like this, Yahoo! Messenger is a great competitor to Skype and other chatting services online, despite of their importance on the business and enterprising fields.

At present time, the contact icon will take you to the old Yahoo! Mail version, for you to manage contacts and perform actions like erase and add them.

In comparison to Yahoo! Mail, Gmail performs something similar to manage and use contacts from its platform online, so the service is quite familiar since it is almost the same with a service provided by a large company like Google.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger

In the same way, entering the calendar icon will lead to the calendar platform included on the older version of Yahoo! Mail, which it is expected to be renew in short notice. However, adding and remove events is a completely familiar process, and if you do not know how to do it, you just have to interact with the chosen day by you and add a new thing to do or remember.

Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger

So, it is really expected that the missing elements on ymail can be added soon, so it can become a great service like it was in previous years, performing a makeover on useful tools like the calendar, contacts and other applications that are important for the users.

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